Kathleen McDonald is the founder of KateNicole Inc. She is a Nurse Practitioner, who completed her Masters at University California San Francisco (UCSF) and University of Toronto.  Her work experience includes University of Michigan Medical Centre, University of California San Francisco, Sunnybrook Trauma Centre and most recently, Toronto General Hospital’s Cardiac Surgery.  

Kathleen's motivation for opening KateNicole Inc. came from the realization that most people don't realize how brilliantly their bodies are designed to look, feel and function for optimal performance on all levels.   Kathleen’s passion for attaining this heightened level of health, not only for herself & her active lifestyle, which includes cycling, 70.3 Ironman, also extends to her clients. This has driven her to research niche regenerative & health optimization therapies, right down to a cellular level, in order to provide powerful results. 

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Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how brilliantly their bodies are designed to feel & function and I am on the mission to change that!”
— Kathleen McDonald

On a personal note

Prior to opening her own clinic Kathleen had been working 50 - 60 hour intense work weeks in Cardiac Surgery. Consequently the experience of fatigue, restless sleep patterns & low energy levels became more prevalent.  Discouraged, after seeing her GP, for an all to  brief assessment, and who discredited her concerns as she had 'normal' blood tests results, which were performed under the traditional umbrella of chronic fatigue, mainly; CBC, iron, thyroid studies, she then tried a Vitamin B12 and     B-Complex intramuscular injection and couldn't believe how much better she felt and with more energy.  Realizing this was just one treatment, it sparked her  future research into understanding how to optimize the body so as to maintain this level of energy & vitality. 

Kathleen's motivation to help others is very tangible during one's treatment course at KateNicole Clinic,  and you'll also frequently see updates on her different missionary adventures while visiting the clinic. Enjoy some photos below telling of her story.  

Medical mission trip to Phenom Penh Cambodia. Children's Surgical Centre 

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Medical mission trip port - au- prince Haiti


Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are licensed, autonomous clinicians focused on managing people’s health conditions and preventing disease. NPs often specialize by patient population, including pediatric, adult-gerontological, and women’s health. NPs may also subspecialize in areas such as dermatology, cardiovascular health, and oncology.

These professionals, first created in 1965, typically need at least a master’s degree to practice, and a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) is also being incorporated in this field.  NPs are governed by their respective College. and a set of regulations outlining the preparation, accredited education, licensure, and certification required prior to becoming independent practitioners. In Ontario it is The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). 

There’s abundant evidence that NPs provide high quality healthcare. An article summarizing evidence that patients under NPs have higher satisfaction, fewer unnecessary ER visits, fewer hospital readmissions, and fewer preventable hospitalizations compared to patients under doctors was published by American Association of Nurse Practitioners ( ). 

What Does a Nurse Practitioner Do?                         The responsibilities of a nurse practitioner (NP) depend largely on the specialization. NPs provide primary, acute, and specialty healthcare services to diverse populations. With their advanced clinical training, NPs are authorized to diagnose illnesses, treat conditions, and provide evidence-based health education to their patients. Just as a physician, NPs assess their patients by examining medical histories; performing physical evaluations; and ordering (or performing) diagnostic tests. They diagnose patients—paying thought to the unique risk factors and needs of individual patients and their families—and develop individualized treatment plans, follow up on courses of treatment, collaborate with other healthcare professionals, and maintain detailed records. NPs must also engage in continuing education (CE) to keep abreast of technological, methodological, and other developments in their field. Most importantly, these professionals serve not only as healthcare providers to patients, but also as mentors, counselors, researchers, educators, and consultants.


"I've been fortunate to travel many parts of the world and realize that I live in a beautiful bubble. It is important to me that I give back and share the blessings of my life with hose who, by random circumstance, haven't been as fortunate. I will be donating a percentage of EVERY sale to a charitable organization that has had a positive impact."

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kathleen has a passion for the outdoors and will often grab her bike and head to niagara escarpment for some stunning rides with great climbs. ending off with great coffee at flying monkey !