Welcome to Kate Nicole - a new and progressive boutique-Clinic, located in the heart of Yorkville... now offering unique & contemporary anti-aging & rejuvenation treatments.

To perform at your best in life, you need to get your mind, body and soul recharged. From a foundational level in order for your body to function optimally our hormone system, digestive system, body chemistry and detox systems need to be supported.  This is key for optimizing our performance! If you want to excel in anything, promoting your health is key in your rise to the top.

Founder; Kathleen McDonald E.C ANP, believes there's a role for much enthusiasm in this area of medicine.  Underlying Kate Nicole's practise is an analytical, safe, evidence-based approach to the science of biological aging.  Kate Nicole also focusses on the impact of the modern urban epidemic: STRESS,  and it's associated inflammatory states, which results in loss of coordinated cell and tissue functions.

Aging and stress contribute to  a decrease in reserve capacity, and inability to restore and maintain homeostasis ( the balancing of physiological systems within the body).  Unfortunately the all to common experience of lower energy reserves and loss of that 'healthy youthful glow,' are not always detectable or diagnosable on the standardized blood tests ordered by your GP. Hence many, many people go undiagnosed or treated.  

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Kate Nicole's vision is to close this gap in healthcare via an Integrative treatment plan, all within the setting of a beautiful clinic setting to promote and optimize your health.  Inside out treatment and services also incorporate the advancing world of quality aesthetic treatments.

At Kate Nicole, we provide a progressive and innovative approach utilizing Eastern and Western therapies in addressing  the underlying physiologies associated with the aging process. and the body's natural biochemistry to help enhance  health, vitality, & restore  & maintain that youthful glow. Underlying each treatment underlies the goals of health optimization, energy promotion and always in a setting that promotes stress management. 

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Such services such as Vitamin Infusion or boosters, Plate-Rich-Plasma (PRP)  Facials or Musculoskeletal PRP Injections, Adrenal Support therapy, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT), Mental Alertness supports,  Yoga, Meditation, or Cosmetic Injectables, all contribute & support the fountain of YOUR vitality.

KateNicole INC's mission is to provide excellent & knowledgeable five star service,  with attention to every detail. Whether it be a glass of sparkling or lemon water during your stay or espresso on our patio rooftop to add that final touch of Zen. Our gorgeous space bathes in natural sunlight offering a regenerative feel. We offer a rooftop terrace for all of our patients to enjoy before, after or during their treatment. Private health promotion events also available.