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By now, you may have heard of IV Vitamin Therapy. It's gaining traction in in the mainstream culture, as an effective and efficient way to supply your body with the required nutrients for optimal health. 

Most of us don't get sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, amino acids, healthy fats, and carbohydrates to function properly. Even if you are eating a balanced and healthy diet, you may be missing out. 


Vitamin & Mineral injections and infusions enhance the following:

  • Athletic Performance, Endurance and Recovery
  • Fatigue, Depression
  • Cognition, Memory
  • Weight Loss Management 
  • Dermatological Health
  • Pain, Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Conditions
  • Immune System
  • Arthritis and Inflammation
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Did you know deficiencies caused by drinking alcohol result from excretion of vtiamin and mineral stores. This can exacerbate depression and anxiety (hence the dark mood that often accompanies a hangover). Vitamin Infusions (which are a big thing in Las Vegas) help with cellular rejuvenation and provide rapid rehydration with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes,  making your hangover symptamatology so much better. 


Are you under chronic stress, an overachiever ,  a high performance athlete, trying to get pregnant ? All of these have significantly increased nutritional requirements that are hard to obtain from our food sources alone. 

Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine Practitioners have been administering IV therapy for years. Micronutrient deficiencies can be detected by blood tests, but not always. At Kate Nicole we rely also on your clinical symptoms to determine which micronutrients you may need and your response to treatment.

Most treatments take 30-60 minutes to infuse. Patients will undergo a preliminary assessment in order to establish which option is best suited to them.

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 In order for our bodies to function to full capacity,  sufficient levels of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients as well as amino acids, carbohydrates and healthy fats are needed.  Eating a balanced diet can still leave many of us without the amount nutrients we need to optimize our bodies.  Many of us consume nutrient poor foods (after it's been transported long distances & hours from other countries), or have some degree of  gut inflammation; “Leaky gut” (dysbiosis) related to food sensitivities and allergies, poor diet, glycopthates (GMO foods). Too, a variety of chronic diseases  interfere with nutrient absorption by diet or supplements alone. 

 IV therapy provides an opportunity to administer a variety of vitamins and micronutrients directly to the bloodstream, thereby bypassing the gut.


Vitamin Infusions (just like pressed green juice and yoga did) have arrived! Vitamin infusions have become part of the pop culture. Highly successful in the UK, Miami, Las Angeles, Las Vegas, Manhattan and now  Toronto. We can guarantee you the experience at Kate Nicole is like none other! Boutique clinic in Yorkville with rooftop views that will make you think you are overlooking Central Park. Water falls, beautiful artwork from up and coming artists, reiki incorporated treatments....this oasis will not disappoint. 

Who’s Talking About IV Therapy?

  • Stars like Rihanna, Brad Pitt are said to have received IV vitamin infusions so they look and feel good on stage and on the big screen.   
  • American model and Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle co-host Chrissy Eigen has posted about IV therapy on Instagram,  saying: “hello body meet vitamins”
  • Good Morning America presented the use of vitamin drip infusions in Hollywood
  • Australian model Miranda Kerr claims that the Myers’ Cocktail is her favorite cocktail!


What to Expect When Receiving IV Treatment

After arriving at Kate Nicole for an appointment, we will guide you through a brief medical assessment. The “cocktail” will be mixed right there fresh, the day of, at the clinic (this means less preservative is required). The nutrient-rich mixture will be administered via injection or IV (usually into your forearm) over a period of time ranging from 45 - 60 minutes. Our treatment setting is like no other!  Kate Nicole has created relaxing spaces, with natural sunlight and comforting music.

*Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat beforehand—otherwise you may feel faint or dizzy.*





Are Vitamin infusions safe?

Vitamin infusions are very safe. The same ingredients are used in hospitals all over the world. There is always a slight risk of allergic reaction, however we screen all patients and monitor for this during the infusion. Should anything happen, we are trained and equipped to handle it.

What are the Vitamin Infusions made of?

Just like the  IV's you would find at your local hospital, Kate Nicole uses the same hospital grade ingredients and equipment with all of our IV's

Do Vitamin Infusions treat after partying or stress?

Absolutely. The vitamins and minerals in Kate Nicole's  IV's will help you with cellular rejuvenation and recovery. Whether you are feeling under the weather, fatigued from overexertion, or depleted from a night of partying, or all of the above, we can definitely help!

How long does it take?

Our IV's generally take approximately 45 - 60  minutes. Think of this as a time to get some R&R. You are welcome to bring your lap top and get work done. We have a feeling you won't want to leave once you walk through the doors to our beautiful space.

Is there any potential reaction to receiving an IV while on other medications?

There are few medications that interact with the IV therapy. Sometimes clients may feel a “flush” or a warm sensation, others, a metallic taste in your mouth. We will conduct a comprehensive history in order to make sure none of our patients are on medications which could have a potentially negative interaction.

Do IV's cause bruising?

Bruises or hematomas happen when the IV punctures the vein and blood collects under the skin. Although not common, it is occasionally seen after the IV process. These effects usually recover, without complication, over time (within a few hours to days). We recommend Vitamin E oil to the site before you go to bed that evening to help. 

Is this process painful?

Everyone's pain threshold is different. While some people find needles to be relatively painless, others will find this process painful. While in no way is this procedure excruciating, we do have ways of making the process more comfortable. Feel free to inquire.

How often do I have to do it for it to be effective?

Depending on your nutritional demands, and intensity of your lifestyle,  coupled with your hydration status, you may see dramatic effects after the first IV. People who get regular IV's will feel less pronounced effects as there body starts to obtain optimal balance of these deficiencies and establish a new baseline.

How often can I get an IV Vitamin Infusion or Booster?

Most of our IV's contain nothing that the body can overdose on. Thus, If you are healthy, IV’s could safely be used on a bi-weekly basis. Realistically, most people do not put such high demands on their bodies where they would need this. Weekly is optimal. In short, your IV therapy should be tailored to your body's demand.

Are there any side effects during IV process?

No major side effects are usually ever seen. Sometimes people report cooling of their arm or a metallic taste in their mouth. These are normal occurrences.



The services provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These Vitamin Infusions and Vita-Boosters, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The material on this website is provided for  your overall informational purposes only and is not direct medical advice. Kate Nicole recommends to always consult your physician before beginning any therapy program. All therapies are specific formulations prepared by Kate Nicole Wellness Center. Thank you