Whether it be in celebration or post celebration, we have the place for you and your friends. Having friends in from out of town? Want to hang out and do something healthy? This is your haven. We will provide vitamin infusions, facial treatments, PRP for large groups. Email us for information.  


Bachleorette Parties 

This is the perfect venue to host you and your bridal party before the big day. You will want to book your treatments at least 6 weeks in advanced to ensure you are perfect when you walk down the aisle. Facial injections will help smooth unwanted lines and enhance your natural features. While a vitamin injection can give you the energy to get through the planning process and give you a healthy glow. 

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The Day After Party 

In Toronto there are always places to go and people to see. With on going events or even just a night out, sometimes the next day can be tough. Keep the good times rolling with brunch, vitamin therapy and your pals in our space. Everything is catered to your needs. What is better than the fluids you need to help rehydrate and energize you for the afternoon, a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse by your side?


High Performance Group

There is no way to get geared up for a sporting event like eating fresh food and filling your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to get you through. Your body uses up so much of the good energy you ingest from food on a regular day. If you are training for an event it is difficult for your body to naturally replenish it's energy stores. Get your friends together and get excited!