Dr. Laura Belus

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Naturopathic doctors (ND) are medically trained to diagnose and treat almost any symptom or illness you would see your medical doctor for. They use natural therapies such as supplements, herbs, acupuncture, lifestyle and dietary recommendations to address the root cause of your concern. They have a minimum of 7 years post-secondary education, including a 4 year naturopathic medicine degree from an accredited Naturopathic college which provides them with extensive knowledge about interactions between conventional medicines and natural therapies.

At Kate Nicole Wellness Centre, we feel very fortunate to have on our team this up and coming star, Dr. Laura Belus, a naturopathic doctor and graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Belus has a true passion for health optimization, and guides her clients to achieve their best health possible. She provides such services as active detox programs, education on quality supplements and disease prevention. Dr. Belus has a focus on hormone balance and anti-aging medicine. She uses treatments such as bioidentical hormones, cosmetic facial acupuncture and advanced testing to treat the root cause of the health issue for lasting results.

Dr. Laura is quickly rising to the top in her industry and we couldn't be more excited to have her, her passion, enthusiasm and dedication to getting you to achieve your health goals and very likely raise them even higher

An initial visit with Dr. Belus is approximately 1 hour long and can be covered by extended insurance if available. Follow up appointments thereafter are approximately 30 min.  Please see 'Fees' for lab diagnostics and associated fees.