Growth hormone levels can help assess healthy aging. 


Although aging is part of life, healthy aging generally requires good self-care.  Simple activities like getting enough sleep, exercising, balancing hormones,  and eating a healthy diet are all part of good health, and all contribute to healthy growth hormone levels.   Having adequate growth hormone levels helps you burn fat, maintain good thyroid function, and build muscle and bone.  Having enough growth hormone may also help improve depression and poor memory.  

Growth hormone levels decline with age, and many signs of aging are also symptoms of low growth hormone:

  • loss of muscle mass and bone
  • increased belly fat
  • mild depression
  • sagging skin 
  • memory disturbances


Why Test Urine Growth Hormone?

Because growth hormone has a large overnight surge and the remainder is released in short bursts throughout the day, accurate measurement of growth hormone levels in blood is nearly impossible. An overnight or a 24-hour urine collection measures the total amount of growth hormone produced over the collection time, includes the overnight growth hormone peak and is a good representation of total daily production.