PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma that is capable of incredible results!  Platelets induce fibroblasts which are cells  in connective tissue that produces collagen and other fibers, they also release growth factors (bioactive proteins) that work to eliminate necrotic tissue & stimulate cell regeneration. Growth factors  attract macrophages which are large white blood cells that eat up cellular debris & importantly produce stem cells for tissue repair & regeneration.   These platelets released fibroblasts and macrophages will remove dull skin in addition to advancing collagen. Angiogenesis: the formation of new blood vessels will improve circulation and restore hydration producing a natural luster and youthful dewy glow. Typical concentrations of platelets heal wounds and skin so higher concentrations of plasma injected directly into the areas provide fast action .

Micro needling the area during the PRP treatment & the microscopic punctures create a funnel to receive the plasma serum and a channel through which collagen can be formed for tighter skin and minimized pores improving the overall tone and texture. It is also used for the treatment of acne scars and stretch marks and works to smooth wrinkled skin under the eyes or on the hands.

If you are looking to reverse photodamage, volumize areas where sagging and deflation has taken place PRP is one of the most effective and longer term facials you can invest in. The gel serum that is created when the blood is centrifuged and the platelet rich plasma is separated and injected to areas on the face and body where decreased elasticity has occurred. PRP stimulates 3-5 times as many stem cells found in normal blood it helps to boost collagen. PRP can plump cheeks fill in the nasal labial folds and soften the hollows under the eyes.