Hangover Meets Redemption


Had a long night of partying and need some relief? Call Kate Nicole Wellness Centre to help  cure your hangover.

The Hangover Meets Redemption IV Vitamin Drip can cure 95 percent of hangovers in 45 minutes - with patients feeling relief in just 20. 

People start drinking early evening and drink until 2 a.m., and they don't want to be miserable the next day. They want to go to the gym or brunch with their BFFs.  Hangovers also tend to be worse in Winters because of the dry climate.

So, how does the treatment work?

After managing numerous hangovers herself working in the Emergency Department, both here in Toronto and in San Francisco she realized a regimen that includes intravenous (IV) hydration and if really bad, anti-inflammatory drugs,  relived symptoms quickly.  Kate Nicole's Formulas are those used in hospitals up to 10,000 times a day.

The exquisite clinic located in the heart of Yorkville has a treatment room, where you will have you IV Placed and 2 shabby chic lounges to have the drip infuse. There is even a work station if you need to bring your laptop and be productive as you slowly come back to life. There are three different kinds of treatments you can get: Hangover Meets Salvation, Hangover Meets Redemption and in-room treatment. Hangover Meets Salvation,  will typically cost $200. Participants have the ability to receive intravenous hydration, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory medications and vitamin supplementation.  For the Hangover Meets Redemption, the $160 service will give you the intravenous hydration to flush away the poisonous alcohol from your system and a compilation formula of Vitamin Bs and C.  

But, if the hangover is so bad you just can't crawl out of bed to the bus, think about having us stop by your Condo for a visit. You'll get the whole package of treatments for just $400 for the first person, and then $375 for each additional friend.

If it sounds expensive, it's because all the drugs Kate Nicole uses are FDA and HCC approved, and there are fully trained medical staff and medical services on hand. It's not an inexpensive service to provide, especially to do it well.

While the hangover cure can be a quick way to resurrect yourself again, there are some things drinkers can try to have a less painful morning. Drinking clear alcohol like gin and vodka seems to produce less painful hangovers than drinks with whiskey and bourbon. Try and drink a glass of water between drinks, and pop a multivitamin before you go to sleep. Most importantly, try to sober up before getting some shut eye.

Also, Burke says the treatment might not be for everyone, including those who have type 1 diabetes, kidney disease, people with severe gastrointestinal issues and women who are pregnant. But, since most of those people shouldn't be drinking in the first place, Burke confidently believes it will work for almost all drinkers. Still, his company takes a complete medical history before administering anything.

"I think the (hangover cure) doesn't replace judgement. Anyone should be drinking responsibly. I think that the possibility that this should help shouldn't change responsible drinking," Kate Nicole

Kate Nicole launched in Toronto January 2018!

Kate Nicole's disclaimer  is that people should drink in moderation. Alcohol overdose can kill you and to date she cannot reverse death.